Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TV on the Tivo!

I watch more TV than I should, and I know it.  Always have.  When I was married, we watched TV regularly, and we bought a Tivo well into our marriage to organize our TV watching.  In fact, 10 years later, I'm still using our original Tivo, and have added a couple more.  I recently went through my Season Pass on my HD Tivo to see what I've been recording regularly, and thought I'd share my list of shows right here:

  • Go On - I've blogged about this show before, starring Matthew Perry, about a widower who is a sports radio host and attends a therapy group with a bunch of odd characters.  The show has its moments, and I find myself laughing out loud, but the main appeal to me is the fact that the writers have approached the subject of loss very honestly.  The characters have heart, and, as a widower, I can relate to Perry's character.  Great show, even if it is a bit quirky and predictable at times.
  • Big Bang Theory - This is another laugh out loud funny show.  The characters and situations are hilarious, and there really isn't another show like it on TV.  It goes for cheap laughs at times, however, and that can be a detractor.
  • The Amazing Race - I still remember watching the very first episode of the first season of this show, and I was immediately sucked in.  I've not missed a show since.  Teresa, my wife, and I watched it regularly, and now I watch it with my daughter.  The best of the reality "contest" shows, mostly because it doesn't deal with voting someone off like so many other shows.  This is a race around the world, and if you're the last one to arrive at the finish line of each leg, you're out.  That's the way it should be.
  • The Walking Dead - Definitely not for kids, and one of the scariest, violent, and grossest shows on TV.  But it is well-written, has deeply developed characters, and deals with the fun topic of zombies.  It works, for what it is.
  • Homeland - This is one of the few pay-cable TV series that I watch, but I got sucked in to the political intrigue and thrilling CIA-themed storylines.  The language is distracting, and the sex is gratuitious and uneeded, but I like the lead actress and the plots are riveting.
  • Grimm - Fantasy-horror show that isn't for kids, about a cop who can "see" monsters hiding as humans, and battles them regularly.  Interesting show, and pretty well-developed characters.
  • Parenthood - I don't always agree with the politics, and I get frustrated with some of the themes and storylines, but this is still a well-written, well-acted show about an extended family and the drama that occurs in their lives.
  • The Office - Hilarious show.  Very tasteless and un-politically correct, and not nearly as funny as earlier seasons, but acting is just great.  And funny.
  • Modern Family - Another funny show.  Similar in style to The Office, with characters talking directly to the camera, but the characters are so quirky and funny.
  • Last Man Standing - Tim Allen is a funny guy, and this show is the perfect vehicle for him.  The show has a conservative slant, and the actors do a great job with the script.
  • How I Met Your Mother - I watch this out of habit than anything else.  This is a Friends rip-off that gets a little too cutesy at times, and can be very tasteless at others.  I love the actress who plays Robin.
  • Malibu Country - Only reason I watch this show is for Lily Tomlin, who is hilarious.
  • America's Funniest Home Videos - STILL one of the funniest shows on TV.  One of my daughter's favorites, too.
  • Hawaii Five-O - Good action-cop-drama show set in Hawaii.  Good characters and writing, but tends to be a little too violent at times.  Love the Hawaii setting.
  • Shark Tank - Entertaining show about people trying to "sell" their company to rich folks to get them to invest.
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Craig is one of the best, funniest, and entertaining late night hosts on TV.  Wish he didn't always go for the tasteless jokes, but very funny, nonetheless.
  • Finding Bigfoot - Fun show.  I'm a skeptic, but it's fun to watch these guys wander thru the woods around the country looking for what they think is a big, hairy giant that no one has ever gotten a decent picture of to prove they exist.
  • Destination Truth - Entertaining show about a group of adventurers and monster hunters.
  • Swamp People - Alligator hunters in the bayou.
  • Top Gear - I'm a car buff, and these Brits can be very funny in their typically English style.  The cars are great!
  • Top Gear - Loud American version of the British show.  Sophmoric at times, but I'm still addicted to the cars and stunts.
  • Counting Cars - Custom car designer in Las Vegas.  I love cars, especially the muscle cars from the 60s & 70s, and they feature them often.
  • Texas Car Wars - Another car show.  Teams bid on junked cars, then take them back to their garages to fix them up and sell them.
  • Overhaulin' - More car stuff!  Custom cars designed from junk.
  • Falling Skies - Interesting sci-fi show in a similar vein to the Walking Dead, except with aliens instead of zombies.  Apocolyptic, futuristic setting.
  • The Great Escape - From the makers of the Amazing Race, this is about 3 teams of two people who must escape from a prison, or a ship, or an abandoned building, or other similar location, to win money.  Each episode is stand-alone, unlike the Amazing Race.
  • Wipeout - Fun show about crazy, off-beat folks who compete in obstacle courses.
  • Wrecks to Riches - Another show about fixing up junky muscle cars.
  • Only in America with Larry The Cable Guy - Larry The Cable Guy is funny.  He travels the country and gets into situations and we laugh.
  • Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - Guy Fieri's show about offbeat restaurants around the country.  The food looks like it tastes great, and this show is the reason I don't like to eat at chains when I'm traveling.
  • Insane Coaster Wars - Not sure if this is a series or just a summer show, but anything about roller coasters is good enough for us!
  • MythBusters - Great show about a couple of stunt guys who try to prove whether myths can be busted.
  • Gravity Falls - Animated show on Disney about a sister & brother who live with their strange uncle and weird things happen to them and the nearby town.  Fun show!  I've stopped at places similar to the "Mystery Shack" the uncle runs.
  • Mork & Mindy - Classic sit-com starring Robin Williams about an alien living on Earth.  Spin-off of Happy Days.
  • Happy Days - My favorite show of all time!  Classic 70s sit-com set in the Fifties.  Richie Cunningham was my role model.  Most guys wanted to be like the Fonz.  I wanted to be like Richie.
  • Phineas and Ferb - Another fun animated show on Disney.  Show is written for kids with in-jokes for adults.
  • Laverne & Shirley - Another classic sit-com spin-off from Happy Days.  Lenny & Squiggy are as funny as Abbott & Costello and Laurel & Hardy.
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