Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pap's Last Moments

When my grandfather was dying after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, with much of our family surrounding his bed, and with everyone praying and telling him it was okay to let go (he had been comatose for several days, but seemed to be hanging on to life despite his weakening body), he suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight at the ceiling. I was holding his hand and knew this was the end, but I wondered, why now? What was he seeing? Then his breathing become very labored, and he slowly closed his eyes as his body breathed its last breath. Amid the sobbing and praying of family members that broke the silence of the moment, I am convinced, when he opened his eyes, he was seeing the glory of Heaven, with Jesus welcoming him with open arms. The thought filled me with comfort, and I sincerely believe, one day, I will see him again and be able to ask him about what he was seeing in that moment before he left this life.

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