Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where In The World Is Eric?!?

The Blog has been very quiet for the last week, and you may be wondering why.  But, no, I'm not dead, or kidnapped, or lost in the woods with hungry bears.  I was not at home, however, so being home now feels great.  So, where in the world was Eric?

In a bit of an unusual circumstance, my office planned two business trips within a week of each other.  Several weeks ago, I spent some time with our management team in Oklahoma City, one of my favorite places in this great country of ours (that's sarcasm; if you haven't been a reader of this blog for very long, you may not know how much I LOVE OKC...).  We followed that up with a second trip with my colleagues, this time to Fort Worth, Texas, over this past week.  No sooner did I arrive at home on Friday than I took off again for a road trip to Pittsburgh, PA, for my cousin JJ's wedding to his high school sweetheart, Amanda.  We arrived home about two hours ago.  I'm wore out.

While this past week was truly neat, in that Fort Worth is a really incredible city, and our senior management team made some impactful decisions, the real highlight was in the sharing of JJ & Amanda's wonderful day.  JJ is my youngest first cousin on the Freed side, and I have a unique bond with him.  He's a great young man, and someone I'm very proud to know.  And Amanda is just the sweetest, beautiful young lady, and a great match for JJ.  Their wedding was truly something special and meaningful.  I'm so glad to have been a part of the celebration.  I was asked to present the invocation at the reception, which was such an honor, and I'm so humbled.  My prayer is that the Lord will bless their union and bring them great happiness, success, and love.  I think they're well on their way.

So I'm wiped out after traveling over 5000 miles over the past few weeks.  Enjoy some pics from the past week, and I'll try to get you all updated on stuff over the next few days.

Have a great evening, everyone!

Chisolm Trail mural in Sundance Square, Fort Worth, TX

Sundance Square, with courthouse in the distance, Fort Worth, TX

My hotel, Forth Worth, TX

The View from my room at dusk, Fort Worth

Great neon signs in Fort Worth

Great neon and Cajun food in Fort Worth

The 'Burgh -- Downtown Pittsburgh, PA, from the West End

Primanti Bros., a Pittsburgh institution

A representative sampling of Freeds at the Wedding of the Year

My darling daughter, my magnificent mother, and me

Daddy-Daughter dance, at the Heinz History Museum, site of the wedding reception

The Happy Couple, newly married

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