Monday, January 25, 2016

Hide-and-Seek With Parked Cars

Finally got out of the neighborhood this evening after putting in a long day at the virtual office.  The good and the bad of teleworking is that it offers flexibility when you need it, but a snow day is no longer a snow day... You've gotta work regardless of whether the government is open or closed.

The roads looked good overall, but neighborhood streets are still a mess (see pic above).  I think I'm done shoveling. I pulled a muscle in my back after clearing off about 80% of the deck on Saturday, so I'm putting myself on injured reserve. What happened to money-starved kids willing to shovel snow? I'm willing to pay really well!

We decided to spur on the local economy by eating out at a local chain restaurant. It wasn't very crowded, and they were a little understaffed, so we were patient, but the service was absolutely awful. Without apologies.  And that was after they thanked us for stopping in.

We stopped for a few groceries at our local Weis.  They seemed to be well stocked, except for bread.  The shelves were bare!  But there was lots of milk and TP!

I'm hoping for another telework day tomorrow.  There's no school, so maybe there will be no work, too.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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