Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Favorite Blogs

There are a bunch of blogs that I link to from this site that I never miss reading, and really are worth reading, so please check them out!  In no particular order...

The Blessed Chaos of Family - This is the blog that inspired me to write my blog regularly.

Mr. Garner Goes to Washington - The adventures and thoughts of a Mississippi boy living in the Washington-Baltimore area.

Sean's Ramblings - Thoughts and comments by a guy named Sean.

Ya Jagoff! - Calling out the Jagoffs that make the rest of us look bad.

That's Church - Pittsburgh.  Only cooler.

Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke? - Pittsburgh Pirates news

Atlas Obscura - Stuff from around the world

Terrapin Tales - From the University of Maryland archives

Roadside America - Your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions

Amusing Planet - Stuff from around the world

Ask The Pilot - All things air travel

Theme Park Insider - All about theme parks

Coaster 101 - All about roller coasters

BGW Fans - Busch Gardens Williamsburg fan site

The Coaster Guy - All about roller coasters

CoasterForce - All about roller coasters

Amusement Parks Blog - All about amusement parks

Busch Gardens VA Blog - Official Busch Gardens blog

Snack Girl - Blog about eating healthy

For The Love of Pizza - A blog for pizza lovers, by a pizza lover - Never eat a bad slice again.

Pizza Quixote - Seeks destination pizza that is worth the trip.

The Yaug Blog - Husband, Dad, Pastor, and best of all...saved by grace!

Storyline - Author Donald Miller

Six Until Me - "Diabetes doesn't define me, but it helps explain me."

BonneVivanteLife - "Show me how big your Brave is."

The Unmanly Chef - Where unmanliness meets cooking

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Yes, bathroom reader...

The Adventures of Tom & Atticus - A man and his dog, in New Hampshire

My Friend Amy - "My name is Amy, and yes, I'm your friend!"

Writing Ruth - My friend...

1966 My Favorite Year - A celebration of the greatest pop culture year of the 20th Century

By Ken Levine - The world as seen by a TV Comedy writer

DC Film Girl - Movie reviews and interviews from Washington

Satellite News - The Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan site

MST3K News & RiffTrax Report - Mystery Science Theater on RiffTrax!

The Good, The Bad, and Godzilla - Comics, News, and Opinion by August Ragone

J.M. DeMatteis's Creation Point - Semi-regular musings by the semi-regular mind of writer J.M. DeMatteis

Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing - Comic book reviews and other good stuff

Not A Hoax! Not A Dream! - A blog discerningly dedicated to discussing classic comics...

Christ, Coffee, and Comics - Reflections on comic books and theology by a Greek Orthodox Priest

Have a great evening, everyone!