Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Check Out A New Blog!

I read a lot of great blogs, and I come across the occasional post that makes me laugh, or makes me think, or makes me angry, or makes me....well, makes me want to share.  In fact, many of the blogs I like are linked on my own blog, if for no other reason than to have easy access to the ones I enjoy the most.  Anyway, the following links go to blog posts that impacted me in some way today, and I wanted to share.

My daughter and I saw THE LEGO MOVIE over the weekend, and we really enjoyed it.  HEMMINGS DAILY is a blog about all things related to classic cars, and today the author shared a scene from the movie THE BLUES BROTHERS redone entirely with Legos.  It's pretty cool!  The people that do these things are just so talented, and I'm really impressed with this one.  Enjoy!

JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO is one of my favorite movies of all time (#2 on my personal list), and provides the title of my blog with a quote of the last line of the movie, "Away from the things of man, my Love.... Away from the things of man."  It was one of the first of the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan romantic comedies, and this one is so original in concept and result.  I just love it.  I can watch it at any time.  It's just so enjoyable.  Anyway, the FILM SCHOOL REJECTS provides a nice little review of the film and argues for a Blu-Ray edition.  I have to agree.  I don't know why this incredible movie doesn't get more respect.  If nothing else, check it out.

One of my favorite readers writes a great blog focusing on Howard County and Columbia, VILLAGE GREEN/TOWN SQUARED.  Today's blog post brings up an issue that may end up affecting my daughter and me.  Melody is following in my footsteps and, as a fourth grader, started playing clarinet this year.  Our family has a long line of musicians, and she appears to have a talent for music.  The blog post explains that several elementary schools in the county are looking at cutting significant amounts of their music programs, which is a bad deal, as far as we're concerned.  Read about it here and help fight this bad idea.

Lastly, check out THE MATT WALSH BLOG and get angry.  What he shares in today's blog post is enough to make me spit.  It's scary to think what can happen to your child when Child Protective Services is involved.  Even if you've committed no crime, all it would take is for someone, anyone, even a complete stranger, to report you and you could lose your child.  You're guilty until proven innocent.  This has hit close to home for me because I had this situation actually happen to my father.  Someone reported that he might sexually abuse my daughter, and it created a horrible situation for our family.  For no reason at all!  All it took was an accusation.  Anyway, it all worked out okay for us, but read this for yourself.  I know CPS does great things for children that are in bad situations, but you really are guilty until proven innocent in situation involving children.

Have a great evening, everyone!  Read some new blogs!

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