Monday, February 3, 2014

The Super Bore

I consider myself a fairly big football fan.  I love to watch NFL Redzone on my Fios, which shows highlights of all of the games each Sunday.  If my Pittsburgh Steelers are on TV, all the better.  Since the Steelers are in the same division as the local Baltimore Ravens, however, I don't get to see my Steelers as often as I like.  I was disappointed that they didn't make the playoffs this year, and it was hard for me to root for any of the other teams that did make the playoffs, but once the Super Bowl match up was in place, I easily chose the Denver Broncos as my team of choice.  I don't really care that much, but the game is more enjoyable if you can actually root for one team over the other.  I like the AFC.

Unfortunately, my team of choice failed to show up, and the Broncos were kicked in the gut by the Seattle Seahawks, who were playing in the Super Bowl for only the second time in their existence.  The Steelers beat them eight years ago in a game that many thought was decided by the refs instead of how the teams played.  Sure, there were a few blown calls, but they would not have made a difference.  The Steelers were destined to win that day.  Just as yesterday, the Seahawks seemed destined to thoroughly annihilate the Broncos.  And they did.  The Broncos must still be trying to figure out what hit them.  The game was pretty much lost on the their first offensive play, which resulted in a Seattle safety and 2-points.  The Broncos never recovered.  Seattle rolled and won big, 43-8.

The game ended up being a gigantic bore.  We've been spoiled for much of the past ten years, with many of the games being close and some even decided in the last few minutes, or even seconds.  This year, with the game pretty much over in the first half, it was hard to watch any of it.

My daughter and I decided to go to my parent's home in Bowie to watch the game, and we planned to crash there for the night.  On the way over, I stopped at Timbuktu, a restaurant in Hanover known for their delicious crab cakes, where I got several crab cake sandwiches.  I first tried these crab cakes about 10 years ago, when my Aunt picked up a few of them and brought them over as a surprise.  They are the size of a softball, if not larger, and are very tasty!  They're a nice treat every once in a while.  I wanted to surprise my parents.  They were surprised, and we really enjoyed them.  It was a pretty nice dinner to go with a Super Bowl.  It's just too bad it became a Super Bore.

When the game was over, the only other excitement was the possibly of a big snow storm today.  Unfortunately, the temperatures never dropped enough to allow for the big turnover from rain to snow, and we never saw any.  I had hoped for a possible day off, but I should know better that to get my hopes up.  There are two more chances of bad weather this week, so I hope we'll still get something.

In the meantime, we're back at home, and I'm too tired to stay awake..  I hope you have a wonderful evening and a better tomorrow.

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  1. The game last night was insane. I was hoping that the Broncos would have kicked butt...oh well.

    I have not been to Timbuktu in about 3 years and I work right around the corner from them. I miss the french fries and gravy.