Sunday, February 9, 2014

On The Road Again

Sigh.  I'm off to the airport again tomorrow morning for another business trip.  This time, I'm headed to St. Louis.  I'm glad the snow, which any other time I'd love to see, ended early and didn't become more than just a dusting.  It's bad enough that my connection tomorrow is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I hope I make it.

With that in mind, the blog will sort of be on hold for a few days.  I will not have my laptop with me on this trip, and as I've established, I do not type very quickly at all without a full keyboard.  What this means is there will be no full posts for a few days.  I might have short ones as I have something to say, but otherwise, it will be quiet.  Thanks for your patience.  And thanks for your readership.  It is appreciated.

I'm thankful for my family who is so helpful while I'm away.  They hold down the fort, as they say, by taking care of my daughter and house-sitting while I'm away.  I'm thankful for God's protection on me while I travel, and for his care of my family.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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