Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh My Darling Clementine, Here Comes the Kitchen Sink....

Today was my daughter, Melody's, first day of camp.  Grace Adventures Day Camp opened for business today, with five straight weeks of fun, games, water play, learning about Christ, and experiencing God's love through the wonderful young adult counselors who work with the kids.  I'm so happy that my girl is able to be a part of such a great camp.

When I picked her up today, she was giddy.  She then proceeded to tell me about the whole day.  I asked her if she'd be willing to do a guest post here on the blog this evening, and she was really excited to do it.  So I did not prepare one for tonight.  Well, one thing led to another, and my girl got distracted by a lot of other stuff (this was her first real day at home since school let out), and she did not write her post about camp.  So we'll look ahead to tomorrow for her to write it.

So what shall I write about?  I could mention my battle with one of the most worthless creatures on this wonderful planet:  the mosquito.  These stinkin' little bloodsuckers seem to love to bite me, but interestingly, they go after my ankles.  Yeah, they're ankle-biters.  I ran out into the back yard earlier with Faithful Pup Scout and, while only being out there for about 5 minutes, I came in with about a dozen bites all around my ankles, plus one big one on the backside of my knee.  And all it takes is a little irritation to cause me to scratch them, and then they itch something awful.  I hate the little buggers.

I mentioned that I watched MY DARLING CLEMENTINE last night, a John Ford directed Western about the gunfight at the OK Corral, which tells the story about Wyatt Earp and his brother, along with Doc Holliday, battling with the Clanton gang.  The movie is very similar to the other tales about this incident, most notably GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL, naturally, but this one features dramatic western sites in black and white film, which at times is strikingly beautiful.  For you kiddies out there who can't watch black and white movies because they look old, you're really missing out.  I enjoyed the movie, the first time I've seen it, and if compares favorably to GUNFIGHT....  Henry Fonda, who plays Wyatt Earp in this film, is great, as usual.  He's such a great actor.  I liked the scene where he went to the barber and got a haircut and all cleaned up, and he couldn't help looking at his reflection over and over, almost like he didn't recognize himself.  The battle itself wasn't as drawn out and entertaining as the other movies about this tale, and I had a hard time liking Victor Mature as Doc.  Old Walter Brennan is great as the elder Clanton father, and was convincing as the villain, as was the actor who played Ike Clanton, who was a mean son of a gun.  All-in-all, it was a pretty good movie.  It was fairly violent, though, much more so than I expected for that era.  Check it out.

My Pittsburgh Pirates made a splash of a trade over the weekend, trading their former closer and reclamation project, Jason Grilli, to the Anaheim...excuse me, the Los Angeles Angels for Ernesto Frieri, their former closer.  Both players have struggled greatly this year, so the trade is kind of a wash, what with both not playing well and having lost their jobs as closers.  Grilli has been vilified in the media for his unfortunate habit of talking great about himself, and throwing out really bad backhanded compliments to his former team mates and team.  He also wrote a book last year, which I picked up but haven't started reading yet, where he paints himself out to be a kind of a jerk.  It's a shame that things have gotten so contentious, especially as he was really given a chance by the Buccos when his career was on the garbage heap.  He had good success last year, but not this year.

Really tired right now, so I'm headed to bed.  Have a great evening, everyone.  Stay tuned for Melody camp report in a future guest post, possibly as soon as tomorrow.  Good night!

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