Sunday, July 19, 2015


Too much travel over the past month or so has resulted in very few posts here on the blog.  I'm very sorry about that.  But we are home this evening after 10 days on the road for VACATION!!!

We'll spend the next several days sharing the details of our road trip, but here are a few highlights:

  • G-Fest XXII in Chicago was a blast, as usual.  G-Fest is the largest annual gathering in North America of fans of Japanese monsters.
  • We went to several amusement parks:  Holiday World, in Santa Claus, IN; Kings Island, in Cincinnati, OH; and Kennywood in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • We rode SEVENTEEN roller coasters on this trip that we had never ridden before!  We'll update and publish our personal coaster database soon, but my daughter, Melody, rode her 100th different coaster on this trip, as well!
  • We visited the Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs) in Louisville, KY, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.
  • We saw Meghan Klingenberg, a Pittsburgh native, of the U.S. National Team that won the 2015 World Cup, who was honored at half-time of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer game.
  • We totaled just over 2000 miles on our road trip!
While Melody and I take a lot of vacations together, they never get old, and we had a BLAST on this trip.  We really enjoy our time together, and I never take for granted the privilege of spending so much quality time with her.  She's growing up so fast, and I know we won't always have these types of opportunities, so I'm happy she enjoys them as much as I do.  We're so thankful for God's blessings on us as we travel, too, keeping us safe, healthy, and happy.

More to come....

Have a great evening, everyone!

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