Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interlude: My Morning

The alarm went off for the 20th time and I was still in bed.
I looked at the dog, who smiled at me, and she licked me on the head.
I jumped up, showered, and got ready just as fast as I could,
Hoping the day should get better, though so far it didn’t look good.

I hopped in the car and sped off, headed to work on the beltway,
But I neglected to secure my cup, and covered my car in OJ.
Traffic was very heavy, and it took longer to get to work,
I examined myself in the mirror; looking back at me was a dork.

I had forgotten to comb my hair, and it was all a mess.
It was obvious, when I got to work, I would have to reassess.
I finally got to the office and took the lift up to floor three.
I couldn’t wait to eat breakfast, as I was really hungry.

I opened up my computer, and logged into my mail,
But before I could do anything else, I saw I was in JAIL.
My morning had not gone well; my day was not a bright star.
But then I remembered before I left, I placed my lunch on top of my car!

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