Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eggscellent Eggspectation

My daughter and I were eggcited to try out Eggspectation this evening in Ellicott City (at Rt. 108 and Snowden River Parkway, near Rt. 100).  It was awesome!  Our server was great, the food was great, and the atmosphere was great.  We really enjoyed our meal, eggcept for the prices....they were just a bit eggspensive, though that could be eggscused due to the quality.  The flavor of the potatoes was eggsplosive, though not in a bad way.  And that flavor wasn't eggsclusive to just the the potatoes.  The pancakes were eggcellent, and the turkey bacon was eggsquisite.  I can't eggspress enough how much we enjoyed our visit.  After that meal, I will have to eggsercise for a week.  The restaurant seems to eggsploit their connection with eggs, as the eggsternal and internal decorations focus on them.  They appear to be eggsperienced with all kinds of egg-related charm, though I'm not eggsagerating when I say they eggsploit it.  It's a little bit eggstreme.

Anyway, we were eggspedient in finishing our meals, and we eggscitedly paid the bill and got ready to leave.  Upon eggsiting, we received a warm, "Thank you!" from the hostesses.  Not being an eggstrovert, I tried to eggsplain that we really did have an eggcellent time.  We have plenty of eggscuses to return!

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