Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Christmas Expiration Date?

I received the following letter today, which had me wondering if Christmas has an expiration date:

Dear Homeowner,
As an owner of a home in our community, we know you appreciate the need for all residents to comply with the association's rules and regulations.  Maintaining homes helps to maintain property values and excellent curb appeal of the community.  During a community visit on February 1, it was noted that you still have holiday lights/decor up on your home and/or yard.  The holiday season is well over and we would appreciate your help and cooperation in seeing that the lights/decor are removed by February 16.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
The Board of Directors

Sigh.  I get it.  I do.  I had a single strand of Christmas lights looped around the archway over my front door, and extended into the bushes on either side.  I turned on the lights each day at dusk until New Years Day, then I stopped turning them on, but I didn't take them down.  They are barely noticeable, really.  And, sure, I got a little lazy about not taking them down.  It requires a step ladder, and my step ladder is in the back room of my basement and I just didn't feel like getting it out.  So I'm totally guilty.

That said, never in my wildest thoughts did I ever expect to receive a letter like that.  I've had my share of run-ins with our neighborhood's association for various little violations, like needing to clean our siding under our next door neighbor's gutters, or painting the rake board at the peak of our roof, or trimming my bushes.  But leaving our Christmas lights out one month and one day after New Years seems a little extreme.  But I also know that I'm just making excuses.  I'm guilty.

So the letter made their point, and I immediately took down the lights.  And using a broom to reach the peak of the arch, I was able to remove the lights easily in about 3 minutes, without the step ladder.  However, the Association's lack of Christmas Spirit, and the feeling that I live in a police state rather than a neighborhood, leaves the taste of expired eggnog in my mouth.

It makes one wonder why you can't get eggnog year round....

Merry Christmas, everyone....and have a great evening.

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