Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Excuses, Excuses...

Please excuse Eric from writing a blog post tonight.  He is so tired, he can't focus his thoughts into coherent words.  Also....

The dog ate his homework. 
His car ran out of gas. 
He had jury duty. 
He had to get groceries. 
He had to do laundry. 
He had to wash his hair. 
He had to shovel the snow off the sidewalk. 
He had to write a letter to his congressman. 
He was doing his taxes. 
He had to make dinner. 
He had to take down his Christmas decorations. 
He had to wash the car. 
The grass needed to be mowed. 
He hit his head on the glass ceiling. 
His boss made him work late. 
He had to shave. 
The dog needed a bath. 
The Terps were on TV. 
He was late for his nap.
He tried to save on his car insurance.
He had a hangnail. 
He has no clean underwear.
He lost his keys.
His hard drive was full after a big dinner.
There was no milk in the refrigerator.
The batteries needed replacing.
He fell asleep.
He ran out of excuses.

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