Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Adventure

Sometimes you just have to go on an adventure...

My daughter and I had an unusual Sunday. Our church, Grace Community in Fulton, MD, is very large, and several years ago, when they started having a Saturday evening service, we volunteered to switch from Sunday to Saturday.  It worked for us, and we've found that the Saturday service is very relaxing and not nearly as crowded. What it did, though, is give us "free" Sunday mornings, something that I wasn't used to after attending church on Sundays for most of my life.

Anyway, we had a change of plans this weekend that had us going to Grace on Sunday for the first time in several years.  Wow, it was packed!  But I sat up in the balcony for the first time, which was a bit of a treat, and we had a fantastic guest speaker.  Daughter Melody went to the Warehouse, which is the youth hangout, and she enjoyed a packed house, too.

After church (and a special breakfast for the 8th grade girls hosted by their adult leaders who are AWESOME!  Thanks, Corin, Kim, Sarah, and Stacia!), Melody didn't want to just go home.... she was looking for something else to do, since she got up so early on a Sunday morning.  We weighed a few ideas, then I decided to surprise her with lunch at a favorite restaurant in DC:  100 Montaditos!  This place is really cool.  They have a selection of 100 different mini-sandwiches, and they are all tasty and delicious (though we've only scratched the surface on the number we've tried).  The restaurant is near the Navy Yard and National's Ballpark.

When we arrived, after dodging raindrops, the restaurant was practically empty.  We quickly ordered our sandwiches (I had three sandwiches:  BBQ, Turkey, and Tuna;  Melody chose two:  Mozzarella, and Parmesan, Tomato, and Pesto).  They were great, as usual.  Then we trekked back to our Jeep, which was parked about five blocks away, in the rain without an umbrella.

Our next stop on our Sunday adventure was at IKEA, in College Park. It's so much fun just browsing their showroom and getting ideas, and that's what we did.  When we finished, after about an hour, we ended up getting a candle, a cordless battery-powered screwdriver, and a cactus for Melody, none of which one would associate with IKEA, I'm betting.

Then we went home, watched the Olympics, napped, and did laundry, then we watched TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, a favorite movie based on Melody's and her mom's favorite novel.  After working around the house all day on Saturday, our Sunday adventure was just the kind of day we needed.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Have a great evening!

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