Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Winter Olympics

We've been watching the Olympics over the past several days and we're enjoying them immensely.  I like the downhill skiing, though they've really only practiced so far.  I'm also excited about the bobsled racing, which is as close to a roller coaster ride as I can imagine.  My daughter, Melody, likes the snowboarding and the figure skating.

My absolute favorite event, though, is curling.  I love the strategy, and trying to figure out what the competitors are going to do before they do it.  The mixed doubles have been fascinating to watch.  The Canadians, in particular, have been very strong, and though I'd love to see the Americans win it, they've really struggled overall.

Ski Jumping is another event that I find fascinating, but it has more to do with how crazy I think the competitors must be to do it.  My fear of heights is a factor in my fascination, I'm sure, but these guys are either very brave or incredible thrill-seekers.  I couldn't be paid to do it.

We watched the opening ceremonies last night and they were spectacular.  The light displays, fireworks, use of drones, and the incredibly talented individuals who participated were wonderful to watch.  My favorite part of the opening, though, is the parade of athletes, as each country's competitors are introduced.  This is when the event overshadows politics.  While competition is prevalent, the bottom line is that these athletes don't allow their politics, or particularly their country's politics, to get in the way of the spirit of the Games, and everyone appears to be united as a community.  It makes you feel good about the world.

My only complaint so far is the amount of commercials NBC shows, most of which seem to be advertising their own programming.  Fortunately, NBCSN, a sister channel, also airing events, doesn't seem to have the same obligation.

If you're not watching, check out the games.  They're really awesome.

Have a great evening, everyone.

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