Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Date With My Girl (One Year Ago...)

One year ago....

With a quiet evening looking at them ahead,
"Let's do something different!" to his daughter he said.

They hopped in the car and took off in a flash,
They dodged rush hour traffic and avoided a crash.

They went out to eat, a fine meal they both had,
McD's for the daughter, Chipotle for Dad.

They talked and they laughed, good company both,
Stories they told, and fun jokes they doth quoth.

Then off they went; time for the Big Show;
To the IMAX they went, and Dad shelled out the dough.

Two tickets were bought, then popcorn and drinks,
A package of Goobers, and two hot dog links.

Then into the theater they ran really fast,
To get two good seats, and not stuck in row last.

They watched the previews, and started to relax,
And the feature began, Dr. Seuss's THE LORAX!

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