Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where Art Thou, Snow? Duck!

The day started out great!  It was snowing, schools were closed, and the government was shutdown.  It was a day off for me and my daughter!  It appeared that the forecasters nailed this one, and we were in for a nice blizzard and lots of snow.

As the day went along, though, reality kicked in.  While there was snow falling at various times throughout the day, it really didn't accumulate much.  I think we finished with about 2 inches total.  Hardly a blizzard.  Definitely a disappointment.  There would be no sled riding.  No long walks in the snow.  No snowman.  No snowball fights.  Not even any snow shoveling.  In fact, we didn't even spend any time outside at all because it was raining more than snowing.

And, thus, Winter ends with a big ol' THUD.


So what did we do today?  Not much.  We watched some T.V.  Caught up on some of our Tivo watching, including the latest episodes of The Amazing Race and America's Funniest Home Videos (I can't help but notice that, while still quite funny, there is a higher percentage of videos involving injury than there used to be).  I took a little nap.  I actually started feeling better after a week-and-a-half with this stupid cold.  I did some laundry.  We put away some of our Christmas gifts.  We did some reading.  We ordered some Papa Johns.  We played with Faithful Pup Scout and little Macy the Hamster.  All in all, it was a pretty fine day.  There just wasn't enough snow.


Upon the recommendation of a colleague, I watched an episode of Duck Dynasty.  I didn't know what to expect, really, though I knew it was immensely popular and, apparently, very funny.  After watching it, I can't help but feel that this show is some kind of statement on our country.  The stupidity that is put on TV is kind of scary.  TV, in my mind, should be about learning as well as entertainment, and not, as it seems, to create celebrities out of stupid people.  That scares me.  Even AFV, which I've enjoyed for years, seems to focus on the stupidity of people.  The fact that everyone videos every stunt that they try in hopes of capturing something stupid to share with the rest of the world is an example of this.  It's scary to see a parent continue to hold their camera phone on their young child after they've fallen off the swing set because the dog got in the way instead of immediately checking on them to see if they're injured.  Capturing the event on video is more important than the safety of their child!  And America laughs.

I guess I'm turning into the Grumpy Old Guy.  I'm no longer the target audience for much of what is on TV anymore.  Or maybe I'm just different.  I don't know.

I will give credit to Duck Dynasty for one thing:  Seeing the entire family sitting around the table for dinner, and praying together before beginning the meal, was really nice to see.


So, because of the lack of snow, it appears that tomorrow should be a normal day.  Back to work, back to school, back to reality, here comes Spring!

Lord, thank you for your blessings!  While we are disappointed by the lack of snow, we are thankful for your safety, the fact that we have power tonight when so many do not, that we had a nice, relaxing day in the middle of the week, and that we could spend the day together.  We pray for a wonderful, safe, happy, and healthy day tomorrow, for us and our family & friends.  Thank you, Lord, for all of these things.  Amen.

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