Thursday, March 21, 2013

Refusing To Do Nothing

Last week, I found myself with a little extra time after a morning doctor's appointment, and I stopped at the wine store to pick up some more chocolate wine.  I found four different bottles to try, along with the one that I had bought once before and actually kind of liked a little bit.  I picked up some Chipotle for lunch, as well, and went home.  (Chipotle has got to be one of the best "fast food" places I still go to!)

After eating my lunch, I decided to try my taste-test again, which was to pour a little bit of each wine into styrofoam cups and sample them.  Two seemed to be okay, with the other two, which ranked higher in "consumer satisfaction", as I read later, not tasting very good to me at all.  Within a half-hour, though, I was snoozing on the couch, catching up on some sleep.

Three hours later, my alarm went off alerting me that I needed to go pick up Melody from school.  I was having a lot of trouble waking up, let alone getting up.  My head hurt, I felt sick; I didn't know what was wrong with me.  I finally picked myself up and drove over to get my daughter (about a quarter of a mile away).  When we got home, I fell back onto the couch, still feeling miserable, and it lasted well into the evening.  Then it hit me why I was so out of it:  the WINE!!!  I had never drank so much at one time and I guess I had managed to give myself a mini-hangover!

I'm just a bit concerned that I might have a small drinking problem.


My daughter and I went out to dinner tonight with my in-laws at the Double T Diner in Ellicott City.  It was delicious, as usual, with their typical single plates containing enough food for four.  After dinner and visiting, we all drove over to our new favorite dessert place, Sweet Frog!  They have self-serve frozen yogurt and a toppings bar, and it is delicious.  The "FROG" in Sweet Frog stands for "Fully Rely On God".

As we entered, I happened to notice a couple sitting just inside having a rather "romantic" moment.  The woman was someone I had dated 4 or 5 times about a year ago.  She recognized me immediately, kind of mumbled a "Hello" as I said hi to her.  It was awkward.  It isn't often that I see someone who I used to date (she broke it off with me), so I was a bit taken aback.  Especially given the way they were sitting.  I knew that she did not like public displays of affection (she essentially broke up with me because I dared put my arm around her in church, and she was afraid her former boyfriend might see us!).  We had gotten along well, at least well enough to go on four or five dates, so when she sent me a text breaking it off, I was just a bit shocked.  And it hurt.  And it bothered me.

So what did I do about it?  Nothing.  What could I do?  They left a few minutes after we arrived and that was that.  But I did wonder about the whole situation.  Is there an etiquette associated with how you handle meeting an ex?  I'm guessing not, but it probably depends on how well the breakup went.  If it didn't go well (and my situation didn't go well, in my mind), then it might not go well later.  But what if you're both Christians, and go to the same church?  It might get a bit complicated.  I don't think being a Christian should necessarily mean you can't be disappointed, but it would not be right to hold a grudge or feel anger.  So I need to make it right, at least in my own mind, and forgive her.  And I hope she'll forgive me for whatever reason she felt I wasn't a good match for her and break up with me.  And maybe we just weren't a good match for each other, and it's no one's fault.  I just know that the fact I had felt uncomfortable seeing her was a red flag to me, and something I need to fix, whether I ever see her again or not.  Something to pray about.

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