Monday, March 25, 2013

Ending It Before It Begins

Well, I'm either stupid or doing the right thing.  I can't decide which.  As I detailed in my last blog post, I met a wonderful young lady.  We really hit it off.  But, as usual, I tend to complicate things by over thinking the whole situation and I doom the relationship before it begins.

Ms. Erin is 27.  I'm 43.  She definitely seems to have her act together.  I'm what you would call "established".  She has her whole life ahead of her.  I've been around the block.  She's getting her career started.  I'm thinking about retirement (okay, I'm not THAT old, but I'm on the downside of my career).  She's in shape.  I'm slightly out of shape.  I'm guessing she may like to have a family someday.  Unless God has other plans for me, I'm not looking to be a father again.

As much as I really like this young lady, and I think we really made a connection, I decided to let her know that I didn't believe we had a future together.  She took it well, I think, as far as I can tell.  She didn't cry.  I might cry later.

Honestly, how much did we really have in common?  She deserves someone a lot closer to her age, someone who she can grow old with (as opposed to watching me turn old), have a child with, and have something more in common with.  I need someone in my life who I have more in common with, too, who won't later regret entering a relationship with a guy who has a bit of life under his belt, and who doesn't mind a guy with my imperfections, but will be a wonderful match for me.

I prayed about this situation a lot, and I feel God leading me in this direction.  I trust that He has someone for me, and I just need to have patience.  So that's that.


We finally got our snow this morning.  My daughter and I stayed with my parents last night just in case the weather turned bad, so I could try to get to work on time and she could stay with Mom & Dad if schools closed.  That's exactly what happened.  It was a dicey drive in to work, however, taking me almost an hour and a half instead of my normal 30 minutes.  It snowed more that predicted, was worse than predicted, and traffic was horrible, as predicted.  But it sure was a pretty snow.  Was it Winter's last gasp?  Probably.  With our Spring Break coming next week, I sure hope so.

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