Monday, May 6, 2013

I Smell Another Set-Up

Last week I found myself talking to my office administrator (OA) at work, Kay, and one of the contractors from upstairs, Bill.  They had been conspiring, as it turns out, to set me up with a friend of theirs, another OA who works in downtown DC.  My initial reaction was the usual... I don't do set-ups.  I hate them.  They never work out.  Forget it.  Leave me out of this.  Sorry, Charlie, but I'm out.

This didn't sit well with Kay.  In fact, she reasoned, the whole thing was Bill's idea, and since he's gay, you KNOW it's going to work out. I quit arguing, but I told them it wasn't in the cards.  Kay followed me into my office and said that I needed to have an open mind, that the woman they want to set me up with, Ellen, was really nice, really cute, and lots of fun.  She was divorced with no kids, and she had no desire to have more kids.  Kay had already told Ellen all about me, and Ellen was already excited about the fact that my daughter and I were already a little family that she could just join into.  Kay was already trying to come up with a reason for Ellen to come to our office to meet me.

After a few days of Kay trying to convince me this was a good idea, the subject of religion came up.  Kay asked, "How important is religion to you?"  My response was a question.  "Is Ellen a church-goer?"  Kay said no, but she was sure Ellen could be talked into going with me to my church.  I told Kay that my faith was VERY important.  Kay's reply was, "Eric, don't mess this up!"

I really have no desire to pursue this woman, especially after finding out that we may not be a good match from a religious standpoint, but this situation has kind of put me in a quandary.  I don't want Ellen's opinion of Christ-followers to be a poor one, that I would reject her just because she isn't one.  Isn't the right thing to do to bring her to Christ?  Should that come before I start dating her?  What if she doesn't like me and we don't hit it off?  So many questions, so many issues.

Unfortunately, Kay has already placed the cart before the horse.  Ellen is aware of me and is in favor of meeting me.  I asked Kay what she told Ellen about me?  I don't necessarily feel like I would be Ellen's type (older, grayer, out-of-shape, etc.).  Kay told me I needed to stop thinking so negatively.

So, Reader, what should I do?  Do I follow up and just say yes?  Do I stay firm and just say no?  How do I get myself into these situations?  Again, I'm very frustrated.  There should be an easier way to meet women!

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