Friday, May 10, 2013

Movie Night

It's Friday, so that means it's Date Night!  Teresa & I always went on dates on Fridays after we were married, and many times that meant going to see a movie.  My daughter, Melody, and I went to the movies tonight.  We thought about going to the Bengie's Drive-In, but the movie selections weren't very kid-friendly. Instead we went to Columbia Mall and had a nice dinner in the food court (a rare McDonald's dinner for her, Chipotle for me).  Then we went to see IRON MAN 3 at the IMAX Theater.  It was awesome!  I intend to write up a detailed review tomorrow, if I can get around to it.  It's late now and we need to get some sleep.  Turns out it was a bad night for the was pouring down rain when we came out of the theater.  The drive-in in the rain is no fun.

Good night, everybody!

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