Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teresa's Birthday

I had a wonderful evening with my daughter tonight.  On the spur of the moment, during a trip to the local Wegman's, I decided we needed to go out to dinner to celebrate.  Today would have been my wife's, Teresa's, 41st birthday.  So we ended up at Houlihan's, one of our favorite restaurants, to celebrate her life.  It was a delicious meal.  We had the Disco Fries as an appetizer, Melody had Mac & Cheese with carrots and apple sauce, and I had the fish tacos.  Then Melody had the s'mores for dessert.  The strawberries were ripe.

I'm glad we ended the day on a high note, since I was feeling a bit melancholy for most of the day.  Yeah, it has been nine years, and today was just another day, but the significance of the date still hits me.  It took on greater significance after a good friend of mine lost his wife on this date several years ago.  It just makes me sad.

I was thinking about things earlier this morning... My in-laws and my parents both are coming up on their 50-year anniversaries, and, even if I were to meet someone tomorrow, the odds of me getting to celebrate a 50-year anniversary are not very high, and really unlikely.  Yeah, it's just a number, but it is significant.  You only get one chance at this life.  I'm glad our next life is spent with our Savior.  I know that will be so much better.

Happy 41st birthday, Teresa, my wonderful wife.  Enjoy your birthday with our Savior.

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