Thursday, November 13, 2014

Frustration, Pizza, The Seventies, and SNOW?!?

Today was a rather frustrating day.  I don't like to write about things like this, because I don't think anyone wants to read about someone elses frustrations.  All I'll say is that professional jealousy has no place in the office.  Also, drawing the short straw that results in a task that I know nothing about is a terrible feeling.  Lastly, despite all of the many ways to communicate with someone, if their battery dies on their smart phone, it doesn't matter whether you text, email, FB, or call that person to try getting in touch with them.  They're still unreachable.



One of the great things about this blog and sharing my many likes and dislikes is that I get a lot of links about topics near and dear to me.  A friend sent this link: .  Being a fan of travel and pizza, this is right up my alley!  I looked through the list and realized that I've never been to any of these places.  Not one.  Even the local Maryland favorite, Matthew's, in Baltimore, is one I've never tried, though I have heard of it.  And while it must be good, and I'll have to try it, I can't help but wonder how the list was compiled (the article doesn't say, but there are a lot of "we"'s in the write-ups).  My friend suggested that my daughter and I should create our own list, and I agree.  We've tried quite a few places all over the country, though to get a definitive list, we'd have to try a LOT of pizzas.  I'm not sure my body will hold up.

If nothing else, I think I'm going to have to visit a lot of local pizza joints, and perhaps come up with a list of the best pizza in Howard County.  Or maybe just Laurel.  We'll see.  I'll come up with our criteria and see what we come up with.  Stay tuned.  I may just take up this challenge.  (Thanks, Sarah.... I think!)


I mentioned a few weeks ago how much I'm enjoying an old TV show from my childhood:  CHiPs!  It's about the California Highway Patrol, and focuses on a couple of motorcycle officers in the Los Angeles area.  Now that I've watched a couple of seasons worth of shows (it comes on daily at 6 p.m. on ME TV), and the character's personalities have been fleshed out a bit, I can see just how cheesy it was.  There were more and more car accidents on the show, too, as things went along, which I'm guessing were used to draw in more viewers (probably a lot of young males) and an increased budget, and there are way too many shots of a shirtless Erik Estrada.  The disco music is tiresome, too.  But seeing the LA sites in this time capsule from the late 70s is really kind of cool, as are all of the 60s and 70s era cars!  That alone makes it worth watching.


Here's an update on my mother-in-law, who was rushed to the hospital by ambulance yesterday evening.  She's fine, and resting at home now, but she had to stay overnight at the hospital last night, where they did test after test to try to figure out what might be wrong.  All of the tests came back negative, so that's a good thing, but it doesn't explain why she felt so bad.

My daughter and I planned to visit her this evening, but the snow (SNOW?!?!) and wet roads hampered that idea.  Damascus is farther north than Laurel, and it's all back roads to get there.  Anyway, she's fine.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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