Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Birthday Girl and a Dog's Tale

As I laid my weary head on my pillow late last evening, and began getting comfortable on my wonderful bed, I discovered, to my horror, as a dampness creeped through my bed clothes, that my faithful yet aging pup, Scout, who has been sharing this same bed with me for over a decade now, apparently had a bit of difficulty during the short time after I awoke Sunday morning and climbed out of bed to freshen up, and when I went to get her to immediately take her outside to do her business, that she had, instead, taken it upon herself to move over to my side of the mattress, unprotected by a bit of plastic unlike HER side if the bed, and do her business without me being aware, allowing this bit of business to soak into the mattress all day long. I'm not sure I have any words to describe how I feel about this, except I fell asleep well past my Sunday night bedtime to the aroma of Lysol.


Had a great time celebrating Melody's real birthday tonight with my wonderful family!  Happy Birthday, Melody!

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