Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Day In My Life

The alarm went off, it was time to get up.
I said, "Good morning," to my little pup.

I jumped out of bed and stretched my legs;
I was craving breakfast; maybe farm-fresh eggs?

A warm shower beckoned, and then I got dressed.
My teeth were all brushed, and my breath was refreshed.

I packed a good lunch, and my pup got her food;
We took a quick walk, and the sunrise we viewed.

Saying goodbye, I went straight to my car;
I hit the road running, my drive wasn't far.

I entered my office, and turned on my PC;
Checked all my email, and brewed some coffee.

My crew then showed up and we planned out our day;
We had much to do, so we all earned our pay.

My first meeting was short, and the second was long;
The third was with a guy nicknamed King Kong!

After a while, I shook off the moss;
I walked up the stairs to visit my boss.

Her mood was good; I never can tell,
Sometimes she's calm; others she yells.

I updated her on the state of our project;
That made her happy to hear it is not wrecked.

Leftovers were good, and made a nice lunch;
But I had no time to enjoy it; I had a time crunch.

One more big meeting, and then I could go home;
It was long and boring, and inspired this poem.

I rushed out the door and to home I did trek;
I thanked the good Lord that I avoided a wreck.

So happy to see me was Faithful Pup Scout;
She jumped in my arms and licked over my mouth.

We ate a good dinner, then got ready to sleep;
I prayed to the Lord my soul He will keep.

Thank you, Lord, for my life.

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