Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Two TV Kind of Night

It's a 2-TV kind of night.  Several years ago, I decided to set up our living room so that there were two TVs in the room, which allowed me to watch programs that I preferred to watch, and my young daughter was free to watch her shows.  This worked out greatly for both us.  We were both happy.

I took my daughter to my parent's house for the week, her second week of "vacation," earlier today, so I'm at home by myself.  Well, in a rare bit of programming, both the Pittsburgh Pirate and the Pittsburgh Steelers, my favorite teams in professional baseball and football, are on national TV this evening.  While the Steelers game is only an exhibition, the annual Hall of Fame Game, versus the Minnesota Vikings, it is the first game of the year and I'm excited to see what their newest players can do.  At the same time, the Pirates, who are in a pennant race as they chase down the division-leading St. Louis Cardinals, are playing the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are leading their own division.  It's all very exciting.

Unfortunately, the Steelers game didn't go very well, and I lost interest fairly early on, though I kept the TV on just to keep track of what happens.  I mean, if you have two TVs in the room, why not use them, right?  The Pirates game is very exciting, though, with the teams all tied up at 5 runs each in the bottom of the 7th.  And the Bucs just scored 3 more runs!!!  And another!  It's 9-5, Pirates.  And a home run for 3 more runs!!!  This is crazy!  It's 12-5, Bucs!  Now, this score may not hold up, but it feels great right now!  What a great way to end the weekend.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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