Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ocean City

It was a noteworthy few days, with the start of another school year.  My wonderful daughter, Melody, began a new chapter in her childhood by starting middle school:  new classes and courses, a new school, new friends, and a new schedule.  She is enjoying it immensely.  She has such an easygoing personality, and it appears to me that she has transitioned flawlessly.  I wish I could say the same thing about me.

It seems like our vacation was a month ago.  Yet it was only last week that we were in Ocean City, MD.  We had such a great time, even if we were there for only three days.  We stayed at our favorite hotel, the Sleep Inn, at First Street, only a block off the Boardwalk.  We ate at some of our favorite restaurants, like the Dough Roller and Phillips Crab House.  We visited a bunch of our favorite shops on the Boardwalk.  We even rode through the old Haunted House dark ride.

Dinner at the Dough Roller

A ride through the old Haunted House

Walking the Boardwalk

Us on the Boardwalk

Relaxing on the beach

Me and my girl...on the beach

Lunch at the Atlantic Stand, on the Boardwalk

An evening on the Boardwalk

Riding a bike built for two, on the Boardwalk

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

The Ocean City Boardwalk

At the Ocean City Gallery

A Sundae at Dumser's
 Have a great evening, everyone!

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