Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Week of School Blues

I am currently in Oklahoma City on business and am happy to report there are no tornadoes or even any bad storms to report.  It's a bit ironic that I'm here in the middle of Tornado Alley, yet the weather at home recently has been fairly bad, including the tornado that hit Woodbine, MD, the other day!

Anyway, I'm here and home is there and I'm a bit homesick.  I have to make these trips several times a year and I never seem to enjoy them.  Of course, it IS work, so I guess they're supposed to be painful.  I'll be glad to come home, very soon for my daughter's sake.  These trips are as hard on her as they are on me, especially with this being the last week of school. My girl is one of THOSE kids that loves school so much she starts getting sad after Memorial Day weekend because school is almost over,  and she cries daily up thru the last day.  I wish I could be more sensitive, but I LOVED summer vacation when I was a kid... I have to wonder if she actually has my DNA!

With no keyboard and sloooooow typing thumbs, I'm keeping this post short.  Have a great day, everybody!

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