Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wishing For Normal

I'm going a bit nuts as I am in Week 3 of living out of suitcase.  Thank God for wonderful parents who have allowed my daughter and I to stay with them until we get our new air conditioner/heat pump.  All I want is a little normalcy...my own TiVo, laptop, and bed.

I'm also a bit tired of my commute.  Driving to work from Bowie to Silver Spring adds about 15 minutes onto my morning drive, including one of the worst stretches of the Capital Beltway:  New Hampshire Avenue to Colesville Road.  My afternoon drive takes me from Silver Spring to Laurel via I-95, then from Laurel to Bowie via Route 197, and I'm not kidding, I catch every traffic light on that road!

With school out for the summer, my daughter is enjoying a vacation with my parents this week, and then with her other grandparents next week, giving me my own little vacation into bachelorhood. I only wish I had my bachelor pad to go with it.  

This would be a prime opportunity to jump back into the dating world, but my heart just isn't in it.  God usually provides me with an indication of some sort, a sign that I should give dating another try, but I'm not getting it.  There're just too many other things to focus on right now. Like getting my life back into some normalcy.  Possibly getting a new Jeep... A new a/c... Preparing for our "Coaster Summer" vacation... And sleeping in my own bed!

Have a great night, everyone!

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