Friday, June 14, 2013

Moore Damage

After a week in Oklahoma City, I was happy to come home.  Today was the last day of school for my daughter, and, as predicted, she was very sad.  Not even her daddy's return could shake her sadness.  To make matters worse, her teach, Ms. Carter, announced that she will not return to the school next year.  My daughter gets very attached to her teachers, so this was not good news.  Her mood got better as the day went along, though, and she seemed  back to her normal self by evening.

Sadly, I also came home to a very warm house.  My air conditioner is not working (again), due to a Freon leak that I had hoped would be slow enough to survive a few months, not less than a week.  Temperatures weren't too bad today, but it's summer and it is sure to get warmer.

While in OKC, a few of my colleagues drove through Moore, OK, on our way to dinner in Norman, and saw the tornado devastation with our own eyes.  It is so much worse than I could ever imagine.  The destruction goes on for miles, with nothing remaining of so many people's homes except for the foundation.  It is just incredible, and so sad.  I took a few pictures, which I've posted below, but that they don't come close to showing just how awful this is.  It is absolutely humbling what Mother Nature is capable of doing.  The people of Moore have my prayers.

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