Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Three Brothers and Bond

In my search for the perfect pizza, I sometimes forget to check out my tried & true favorites.  It has been a few years since I last tried Three Brother's pizza, so, since I have the evening to myself, I decided to order one at the Columbia location, just off of Snowden River Parkway.

When I walked in to pick up my pizza, a young lady observed my Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt and proclaimed, "Nice team!"  We made small talk and I learned that she is going off to college in Pittsburgh this Fall.  I hope she enjoys it and does well.

I took my pizza home, popped SKYFALL, the latest Bond movie, into my Blu-Ray player, and began to eat.  It was a Neapolitan style with pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, and pineapple.  It was delicious!  It's a fantastic example of a traditional New York style crust, the sauce is a little bit tangy, and the mix of toppings gave it an across the board flavor, from the slight spiciness of the pepperoni, to the sweet pineapple.  Three Brother's easily jumps into my top ten favorite pizzas.  I highly recommend it.

On a different note, SKYFALL is one of the best Bond movies I've seen.  I saw it in the theater when it came out, so it has been just long enough since then for me to forget quite a few of the plot points.  Daniel Craig is a credible James Bond, more no-nonsense compared to some of the others, and there is little of the tongue-in-cheek humor too prevalent in previous installments.  It has its share of action, especially the opening sequence.  Unfortunately, I'm the type that concerns himself with all of the damage that is being caused by the good guys chasing the bad guys through the crowded Turkish streets, wondering who ends up paying for it, but I know that in action movies, the damage is a part of the game.  Overall, it's quite a good movie, if you like shoot 'em up action movies, and it's top rate compared to most action movies.  One more note:  A beautiful woman doesn't need to smoke to be beautiful.  I'm of the opinion that showing characters smoking in movies is unnecessary, regardless of the setting.


On a side note, I am at home tonight, albeit without air conditioning.  Today was a glorious day weather-wise, with nice mid-70s temperatures and no humidity, so I decided to brave my warm house, that it might actually be tolerable tonight.  So far, so good.  I might actually get a good night of sleep in my own bed.

In the meantime, I'm finding myself being crushed more and more each day by the rampant depression that seems to be attacking me in recent days.  It gets worse when I'm by myself, as I am tonight, and will be for the most part for the next week and a half.  My wonderful daughter keeps me focused and sane, and without her, I actually seem lost.

I know God is the answer to all problems, and it is imperative that I give it to Him and not feel like I have to hold it in and figure it out all on my own.  Sometimes that's easier said than done, however, and I continue to worry about things I have no control over.  I hate this feeling.  It is overwhelming.  It's times like this that I go through my anger stage again and ask why did she have to die?  No good has come of it.  Teresa was my best friend.  I'm too introverted to be able to make new friends, let alone find a new relationship.  That's why I've failed at every one I've attempted since Teresa's death.

And I'm going to stop here because this is not the direction I wanted to take this post.  This is what happens when I spend too much time by myself.  I start feeling sorry for myself when there is no purpose for it.  My life is overwhelmingly good, God is in control, and I really have nothing to worry about.

With that, have a great night, everyone.  Thanks for reading the words of a crazy man.

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