Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Mix of Daily News...

I had an appointment today with my cardiologist.  My last appointment was good, six months ago, so I figured this one would be just a formality.  I've shared on this blog in the past my heart issues, particularly as they relate to my stress and hypertension.  So I went to my appointment, and they did an EKG, as usual.  My doctor came in to ask the usual gamut of questions, and then he looked at my EKG results.  His comment worried me (he tends to be very frank and matter of fact).  He said my EKG had some abnormalities.  He wants to see me again in about three months when I'll get another stress test.  He said he just wants to take every precaution, particularly since I'm a single dad with a young child.  That sure didn't fill me with confidence.  He didn't elaborate (I've been seeing him for almost 3 years and he usually doesn't).  Anyway, I don't think there's anything life threatening going on.  My blood pressure is solidly normal, and I don't have any chest pains or any other issues.  I am just a little bit tired of getting the stress tests, though.  But I have one appointment down, two more to go.  My next one will likely be my sleep test.  Then the endoscopy.  I love seeing the doctor.  (Read that with oozing sarcasm.)


I bought a shirt last Spring when we were in New York City.  It's one of those NYPD t-shirts.  I wore it today after work, and I love it because of the reactions to it I get.  At the doctor's office, the technician kept talking about police officers, and I didn't understand why until she asked me if I was a police officer.  When I said no, she apologized, since my shirt made her assume I was.  She was very embarrassed, though I don't know why.

After my appointment, my daughter and I went to the Texas Roadhouse.  It's a favorite restaurant of ours, though there are none near our house, so we don't go there very often.  Anyway, the restaurant is in a relatively high crime area, and I was getting a lot of attention in the restaurant because of my shirt.  In fact, our server, a very nice young man who looked to be in his early 20s, made a point of calling me, "M'man," every time he visited our table.  The manager of the restaurant came over and made sure we were satisfied with everything, and even the kitchen help stopped by our table to check on us.  Either this was the friendliest and most caring restaurant staff I've ever come across, or they thought I was a cop and were treating me like royalty.  If this is how cops are really treated, then I'm on the wrong career path.

Anyway, it was kind of fun, and I'm hoping we can come back.  I'll be wearing my NYPD shirt a LOT more often.


I was looking through some of the ads on one of the dating websites where I have a profile, and I was surprised to see that I've been matched up with a woman who I met through a friend at my church, and dated several times before she broke it off.  Apparently, some women don't like a guy to put his arm around her shoulders while sitting in church together.  Anyway, she broke up with me several years ago. so seeing her, even online, was jarring.  I can only wonder how she'll handle this match up.

I'm pretty tired and close to just passing out at the keyboard.  So it's definitely time for bed.  Have a great evening, everyone!

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