Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Better Blogs Than This One

I am constantly reminded that there are many blogs out there written by writers much more talented than I am.  Many of them are linked on the right side of my blog (if you're reading this on the full website), and I recommend many of them.

An example of this is a blog post I made a few days ago, where I jumped on my soapbox about the stores that are planning to be open on Thanksgiving Day, and how much it bothered me.  A friend posted a link to another blog on Facebook today that says the same thing in a much more entertaining and convincing way, and I'm posting a link to his blog here:  themattwalshblog.com 

Most of the blogs I've linked to are because of my varied interests, such as cars, particularly muscle cars from the 60/70s.  I like science fiction, so there are blogs about that, including movies, comics, and entertainment.  Still others are related to my sports teams, particularly those in Pittsburgh, and my Maryland Terrapins.  There are some that are related to travel, particularly roads I've traveled on, such as Route 66, or the Lincoln Highway.  And there are several about amusement parks and roller coasters.  These are blogs I like to read on a daily basis.  Some are really good.  Others are there just because of my interest in the subject.  Still others are written by people I know personally, and they provide much inspiration to me.

Anyway, please check them out.  I'd say at least 90% of them are better written and more entertaining than mine.  You might find a new favorite.


One of my favorite TV shows is TOP GEAR, which is half about cars, half stunts, and half comedy.  Yeah, I know that's fifty percent too much half, but that last half overlaps into both of the other two.  While I love the British version (also the original), the American TOP GEAR is pretty good.

One of my qualms with the American version is the host's insistence that small, 2-seat sports cars are "girlie cars".  This is especially bothersome since the British hosts love them.  I have one, a Mazda MX-5 "Miata", that I really love.  It's a blast to drive, is quick, turns on a dime, is the finest car I've ever owned, and is just plain fun.  The Brits love them, just like pretty much any car deemed a roadster or sports car.  But the American hosts constantly make fun of these cars in their typical fratboy way.  What's funny to me is that I never see women driving any of these cars.  I do not understand how they became known as "girlie cars".  Only in America....


I am returning to work tomorrow after a few days off due to a broken water main at our building.  This is the first time we've had an issue like this, so it was strange to be off.  If nothing else, I'm going to be well rested going into tomorrow, then I'll get to enjoy Thanksgiving.

With that, have a wonderful evening, everyone!

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