Sunday, November 3, 2013

Steelers' Woes

My Steelers continued a rotten season by losing again this afternoon, their sixth loss this year.  Today's loss follows lost weeks loss to a horrible Oakland Raiders team, who for whatever reason just seems to have the Steelers' number.  Today's loss was to a New England Patriots team that, likewise, seems to have the Steelers' number, but it was the way they lost.  They kept coming back in the game, and then they would let the Pats move right back down the field to take the lead again.  It was ridiculous.  The Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, seems to always want to rub it in by having his team keep scoring, just because they can.  To me, it's not very sporting, but he's shone he's not a very nice guy.  And I'm kind of bitter given how badly the Steelers played.

On the other hand, I can't help but be amused by many of the Baltimore Ravens fans that I know.  So many of them have been posting how happy they are that the Ravens have a better record than the Steelers.  This after the Ravens lost again today and are just as bad as the Steelers, and have even lost to the Steelers already just a few weeks ago, but have a slightly better record.  I can honestly say I could care less what's happening with the Ravens.  My happiness is not determined by whether the Steelers or Ravens have a better record, especially in a season when they're both terrible.

That being said, the Steelers have to make some major changes, including the possibility of changing coaches.  I don't necessarily think Head Coach Mike Tomlin needs to be fired, even though I think he's part of the problem, but I agree with the assessment that both the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators need to be changed.  I love Coach Dick LeBeau, but given how poorly the defense has played the last few weeks, it might be time.


This has turned into a very restful weekend, which is great after the extremely stressful week I had at work.  My daughter and I came home Friday afternoon and I almost immediately fell asleep on the couch.  I felt bad, since I slept until almost 8 p.m.  My daughter made her own dinner!

We both slept in on Saturday morning, as well, and it was a really good, solid rest.  After a trip to Larriland Farms for some apples and goodies, we went to church, then a nice dinner at La Palapa Too, one of our favorite places to eat, and a stop at Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt.  We tried not to stay up too late, but the time change allowed us that extra hour which was really great.

Sunday really was a day of rest.  I watched a lot of football, and except for the frustration of the Steelers losing, it was a nice day.


We received some very disturbing news about the lead pastor at our church, Grace Community, on Saturday.  After the death a few weeks ago of our worship leader, Stephen Namie, Pastor Mark let us know that he had some difficulties with the heart issues he's been dealing with for quite a few years, and it appears that he will need open heart double bypass surgery.  If you're a praying person, your prayers for him, as well as your continued prayers for the Namie family, are greatly appreciated.  Their problems make my own pale in comparison.

Have a great week, everyone!

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