Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't Shop on Turkey Day

Okay, I'm getting up on my soapbox.  I HATE this trend of opening stores for sales on Thanksgiving Day!  Thanksgiving is a truly American Holiday, even more than Christmas (which is technically a Christian Holiday, despite that it is celebrated by almost everyone).  Thanksgiving is that one day each year that all Americans should be celebrating, and by being open, the stores are taking away a day off with family for all those who have to work that day.  And while I know there are those who may WANT to work, I know there are just as many who HAVE to work just because the store is open.  Can't we just have one day where no one has to work?  I, for one, intend to celebrate the Holiday as it is meant to be, being thankful and spending the day with my family.  I will NOT be out shopping at all on Thanksgiving, and for good measure, I'm not shopping on Black Friday, either.

I used to go out on Black Friday and hit a few sales.  It was actually a lot of fun before it got too crazy.  I remember being in Uniontown, PA, visiting with family, and we all got up early and went to the local mall on that Friday morning.  And it was fun!  It wasn't crazy crowded, the folks who had to work seemed to be having fun, and we got some really good deals on things.  Several years later, my wife and I went out to catch a few deals on Black Friday, and we had targeted Walmart.  It got a little scary that year.  When the store opened its' doors, there was a riot as a large group ran towards the electronics.  I remember seeing one guy with three computer monitors and I wondered what the heck he needed with three?  But it was just for the deal.  They didn't need these things.  They just wanted them, and Heaven forbid that anyone got in their way.  Three people actually tripped and fell in the rush to grab stuff.  I really thought that was ridiculous.

When I started to hear about violence breaking out at some places, and the crazy people who where camping out in lines at Best Buy in order to get deals on electronics, I determined that I was done with the whole thing.  In fact, I started going back to work on Black Friday just because I wanted to stay away from it all.  And I haven't regretted it.  Everybody else takes off on that day, and it becomes about the "deadest" day of work all year.  Only a fraction of my employees work that day, and it's so quiet and relaxing.  I get a lot done!

Online shopping has replaced much of the Black Friday craziness now, so there's even less chance of fighting crowds.  That's the way I like it.

Lately, I've been horribly sleepy at while attempting to update the ol' blog, and tonight is really no different.  I'm out of it, trying to finish this up.  With that said, goodnight everyone!


  1. While I agree with you (and I won't be in line on Thursday evening or Friday), I feel like the stores wouldn't be open if people didn't show up. It's a supply and demand thing. Actually, maybe a if you build it, he will come reference is more appropriate. If no one shows up to stores on Thursday night, the early openings won't happen in 2014. I don't see that happening though.

    1. You're absolutely correct, Sean, and that's what makes me so sad. I truly believe we've reached the point of no return. It was the decision by the stores to open on Thanksgiving Day that started it. People will go. We can't get it back. It would have to be the stores to reverse their decision, but that won't happen as long as people show up. It just makes me sad.

      (If I hadn't fallen asleep in the middle of writing this post, I probably would've fleshed it out a bit more, but I was too tired.)

      Thanks for your comments.


    2. I completely agree with you. I hate the commercialism encroaching on a day when people are supposed to be with their family and being grateful for their many gifts- not rushing through and trying to get out to get more STUFF.

      This whole topic reminds me of the show about Extreme Couponers. Oh my word, that show just burns me up. Just because you can get a deal doesn't mean you SHOULD. Seeing people take FIFTY extra large containers of whatever, because with the sale and the coupons, they can get it for free-- UGH! And then they hoard it all in their house, where they will likely not be able to consume it all before it expires.

      Every now and again, someone on the show does a huge shopping trip like that and then donates the majority of it. That's cool!

      So yes, the whole consumer culture and lack of gratefulness for all we have is just gross. I won't do Black Friday either.

    3. Thanks for your comments, Leeann. I'm right there with you!