Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tall Women Are Just...Taller

I love tall women.  That's the type of statement that can get one in trouble.  "Love" isn't something to just throw out there.  It means something, and I don't use it lightly...most of the time.  And I shouldn't make generalities.  I'm sure there are tall women who I don't love, just as there are women who aren't tall that I've loved.  Maybe a better statement is, "I've loved several tall women."  Then I can follow up with, "I tend to be attracted to tall women."  The bottom line is that all of these statements could be true.

And now that I've totally botched the opening paragraph of tonight's post, let me explain.

I guess it started in about 3rd grade.  She was my first crush.  Her name was Michelle.  She was tall.  She was taller than I was at the time.  She had long brown hair, and she was really smart.  I don't know why I felt attracted to her, but I was, and I would catch myself staring at her many times in class.  I never told her.  At some point, she either moved or went to a different school.  I have no idea where she is now.  But the die was cast.

Sixth grade rolled around and I found myself in love with the tallest girl in our school.  She was about an inch taller than me, and the teacher, Mrs. Elder, always made us line up by height.  This meant Dawn, the tall girl, was at the end of the line.  I stood just ahead of her, but it meant that I got to stand with her.  Dawn was tall.  She was about 6 feet tall.  And she was beautiful.  I had a crush on her, too, but she really wasn't my type at all.  I liked nice girls, and I don't remember Dawn being very nice sometimes.  But she was beautiful.

In 7th grade, it was Tracy.  She was tall, but I was a few hairs taller.  She liked me, and I liked her, but we didn't tell each other until that moment in 9th grade just before she moved away.  I never saw her again.  It broke my heart.  You might think I would've learned my lesson and let these girls know when I liked them, but I was too much of an introvert.  I would keep missing out on having a girl friend.

There were other girls, but the tall girls continued to be favorites.  In 12th grade, I was a senior, and I fell in love with Leann.  She was awesome, and beautiful, and she could sing beautifully, and she had great blond hair, and she was fun and nice and I loved being around her.  She went to my church, but she went to a private school.  I got up the nerve to ask her out, and we went to my Homecoming Dance together.  We dated for a few months, then I found out, just before Christmas, that she was dating someone else.  It broke my heart.  I carried a torch for her for several more years, then she told me she was engaged.  Again, it broke my heart.  She did get married and has two beautiful kids.  And I'm very happy for her.

My wife, Teresa, wasn't the tallest girl I've ever dated, but she wasn't short, either.  At 5'8", she was tall enough.  And I know love is more than just physical attraction.  Teresa was an incredible person.  There was so much to love about her, but it was her heart and love of the Lord that made her my perfect match.

A few years after my wife's death, I was introduced to Kristy.  Kristy was really tall.  Taller than me, at about 6'4".  She, too, was so beautiful!  Long brown hair, blue eyes, and really nice.  She really loved the Lord.  But she was so young!  She was in her early 20s, and I was in my late 30s.  There was no chance for us.  She went overseas to teach in China, and I initiated a string of back-and-forth emails over the next several years.  She was a beautiful person, but it was apparent that we were too different from each other.  There was just too much of a generational gap.

Then I met Jean.  Jean was very beautiful and very tall, at about 5'11".  She loved that I was so tall, just tall enough that she could wear heels and still not be taller than me.  We dated very seriously, and came very close to getting married.  We talked about it, and met each other's families.  I spent the day after Christmas with her family in Nebraska.  But the biggest problem was that she lived in Oklahoma City, which was a long way from Maryland.  I should've figured out that this would be a problem, but she kept telling me she was fine with moving to Maryland.  She wasn't, and the relationship crashed and burned.  She has since gotten married to some guy in Oklahoma City.

I still find myself attracted to tall women.  I've gone through all of the online dating sites, and find myself drawn to tall women, and I've even dated a few.  I can only figure that the attraction is from the fact that I am tall.  I'm 6'2", so I look at tall women as being special.  I've dated short women, but tall women are different.  I hope to one day meet another that might lead to marriage one day.  Until then, I will follow the Lord's guidance, and maybe I'll be able to marry another tall girl.

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Wow, what a sweet guy!
    Some woman - tall or short - will be so lucky to have you.
    I live in MN, so I guess it won't be me, though I am 6'2½" and in your age range. :)

    Wishing you all the best, Eric!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Samantha! Best wishes to you, too.