Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crazy Bodily Functions

Our bodies are crazy things.  I woke up this morning exhausted.  I stayed up too late last night, so when the alarm went off at 5 a.m., I hit the snooze alarm at least three times before I finally decided to climb out of bed.  I had dry mouth.  A side-effect of one of the meds I take causes dry mouth.  I started to brush my teeth, but because of the dry mouth, I began to gag on the toothpaste, which led to dry heaves and an attempted vomiting.  I noticed that as my body went through this experience, my legs and knees completely locked up.  I don't understand this connection, but that's what happened.

I jumped into the shower and soaked in the hot water.  After about 3 minutes, the water felt lukewarm, and I turned up the hot water.  After a few more minutes, I again had to turn up the hot water.  It felt so good, and I allowed the water to pour onto my neck and down my back.  I turned off the water and within minutes I was freezing.  The towel was not enough to keep me warm, but as I dried off, I got more comfortable.  I'm sure there are some physics at work here that I can't remember, but I found it odd how my body seemed to to be affected by such slight changes in temperature.

I took Faithful Pup Scout outside for her morning walk.  I didn't wear a jacket, and I immediately noticed how cold it was.  Scout decided that she needed to spend a little extra time sniffing the snow-covered grass.  I finally coerced her little butt inside after determining she knew I was leaving for work and was stalling.  I put on my jacket and this time it was actually comfortable outside.

After driving for about a mile, my Jeep was actually too warm, and I needed to turn the heat down.  I followed my usual route to work and got caught up in my thoughts.  I shot right past my exit without even recognizing I was passing it.  By taking the next exit, I added about 10 minutes to my commute.  I have never done that before!

I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal when I get to work and go through my emails.  Because I had been out for the past two days, I had a lot of emails to go through, as well as a lot of people to touch base with.  As I got to it, I made my oatmeal, but didn't have time to eat it before I had to go to my morning stand-up meeting with my employees.  I hadn't eaten and my body was letting me know it.  I finished the stand-up, but had a meeting I had to go to, so I was not able to eat my oatmeal.  When I returned to my desk, I was starving and getting a bit shaky, which is what happens when I've gone too long without eating.  I saw my oatmeal sitting there, and decided to eat a few bites.  It was terrible.  Fortunately, lunch was only about 30 minutes away.

After eating, I felt a lot better.  The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, and I headed home.  I was feeling anxious, and a bit tired, but I was glad to be going home.  I picked up my daughter and we began to relax.  Faithful Pup Scout wanted her own normal routine, which included a quick walk, then a trip upstairs to the bathroom.  Even though I don't use the bathroom everyday after arriving at home, Scout still assumes that I do, and she literally gets excited and tries to lead me up the stairs.  I'll follow her up, change out of my work clothes, and if I do use the bathroom, she runs in ahead of me, finds her spot on the floor to lay down, and sits at my feet until I finish.  It really is odd to me.  The moment I finish, she leaves the bathroom.

My daughter worked her homework while I watched a little TV.  I was tired, but not enough to nap.  Many days, I do.  I made us a nice dinner, and we ate while watching TV.  My daughter still had a little homework, so while she did that, I attempted to snooze.  It was at that moment that my legs began their little dance.  As much as I tried to relax and close my eyes, my legs would not rest.  The muscles in my legs begin to ache and I have to keep moving them to keep them from hurting.  This keeps me from falling asleep.  I adjusted a bit and was about to drift off, but I felt a sneeze coming on, and while trying to stave it off, it grew and finally came on me in a very loud and aggressive way.  My whole body got into the act, and I heard my daughter yell, "God bless you!!!" from upstairs.  I attempted to say thank you, but the sneeze kept my voice from working and it wouldn't come out.

We were getting tired, and it was past my daughter's bedtime, so we went upstairs to get ready for bed.  We prayed together, and said our goodnights, then it was off to bed with her.  I finished typing up this blog.  Now I'm dealing with an achy left shoulder, the same one that I broke in a fall several years ago.  Either I was about to have a heart attack, or the cold was getting to me.  I'm a bit susceptible to arthritis in my injured joints, and the weather seems to cause them to become painful.  I finished typing, and now I'm headed to bed.

What is with our crazy bodies?

Have a nice evening, everyone.

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