Monday, December 9, 2013

More Snow On The Way!

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!  Anytime there's a threat of snow, particularly a BIG snow, I get excited.  Tonight is one of those nights.  I know we just had a full day of snow and freezing rain, but it's much different when the forecast is for SNOW.  SNOW is a lot different from snow and freezing rain.  Instead of a soggy mess, like what we got on Sunday and today, we're supposed to get a nice big snow.

The timing of this storm will be interesting.  It's not supposed to start until around 5 a.m., so any impacts on the roads will happen as the rush hour gets going.  Will that be enough to cancel schools and close the Federal Government?  That's the big question.

I took one precaution already and took my daughter over to her grandparent's place for the night.  That way, if school is closed, she'll already be taken care of.  Should they open, my father or my sister will be able to take her to school.  But with her at their place, I don't have to wait around for the weather to stop or get better in the morning, like I did this morning.  I took off today due to the weather and the fact that my sister was not able to drive over to my house this morning to take care of my daughter.  It was a nice, relaxing day, however, and I enjoyed the chance to just hang out with my girl.

The forecast for tomorrow morning is 4 to 6" of snow.  It that holds, it will definitely impact the commute.  But if I leave early, I shouldn't have a problem with traffic or weather, assuming the gov't. opens.  Either way, I'm excited.


My daughter and I met my parents for dinner this evening at T.J. Elliott's in Bowie.  T.J. Elliott's is the sister restaurant to the original Ledo's, now in College Park, owned by the Marcos family.  They serve the original Ledo's pizza and it is fantastic!  My father and I ordered a large with mushrooms, green peppers, and extra cheese.  If you haven't tried Ledo's pizza, you owe it to yourself to try it.  While they have spun off into a chain of restaurants throughout the DC area, there's nothing like the original recipe.  The crust is flaky, the sauce is slightly sweet and rich with tomatoes, and the provolone cheese gives it a really great taste.  It's served in their "trademark" rectangular plastic trays.  It's a square pizza, but that's what makes it cool. :-)


My daughter and I had a nice day off today.  We didn't do what we said we were going to do... I wanted to decorate the house for Christmas.  Instead, we did a lot of nothing.  We watched the finale to one of our favorite shows, THE AMAZING RACE, and enjoyed a day playing with our animals.  Faithful Pup Scout loves it when we're all home together, and my daughter played a lot with Macy The Hamster, letting her run around the house in her ball.

The best part of the day was getting a nice afternoon nap.  I'm still having a lot of trouble sleeping, with lots of intense dreams.  In addition, for whatever reason, Faithful Pup Scout decided at 1:30 a.m. that she needed to go outside.  I hate when that happens, but I'm happy that she'll at least let me know instead of just wetting the bed, especially since we share the bed.  Then, my daughter wasn't feeling well and was up at 3 a.m.  My alarm went off at 5 a.m., and if there hadn't been a delayed arrival at work which gave me a few more hours of needed sleep, I wouldn't have been very alert at work.

Having a repeat for tomorrow would be awesome.

So now I'm going to turn in.  Have a nice, safe day tomorrow!

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