Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Slowed Down by Thumbs

I'm still battling computer issues, which are prohibiting me from doing full blog entries.  This is all just a reflection of my inability to thumb type on my iPhone at a fast enough pace to keep up with my thoughts, and in no way reflects a lack of material for blog topics. And I'm keeping track of worthwhile topics... Such as:

-- a lack of sugar free or alternative desserts for diabetics at restaurants;

-- my experience at a sleep study clinic last night.... Oh, what a night;

-- my search for a new vehicle;

-- why I'm not putting up a real tree for Christmas this year;

-- my frustrations with my laptop and the automatic Windows updates that keep putting it out of commission;

-- why my dog, Faithful Pup Scout, may be responsible for my sleep issues...

All this and more is coming to you soon, as soon as I get my laptop up and running, or I get a designated thumb typist (read: my 10 year old daughter) to type up my blog entries! Stay tuned... And thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. You have good blog ideas, Eric. Maybe you should keep generating lists of ideas; then I would have something to write about on MY blog! lol Poor little lost, forlorn blog... )

    I'm sure you hear this from others but have you considered a Mac? We are an all Mac family after getting so tired of all viruses, trojans etc that come from PCs. We have a seven year old Mac desktop that is literally as fast as the day we brought it home and several Macbooks, the oldest of which is six years old and still going strong. It has been passed from me, to my daughter when she started high school, to my son who is now starting high school. Pretty good track record!