Sunday, January 26, 2014

OK City Again...

I'm suffering from separation anxiety.  I had to say goodbye to my daughter last night and I flew to Oklahoma City this morning.  This is a quarterly business trip that I have to take, and I dislike it a great deal.  I think I've made about 24 trips to OKC in the past five years, but I stopped counting at 10.

My daughter has a normal week of school, and she seems to handle these getaways better than I do.  We're fortunate to have so much family in the area, so I'll have a house-sitter and baby-sitter while I'm away, and she won't miss a beat.

I, on the other hand...well, I don't take well to these trips.  I hate being away from home against my wishes, and I really hate being away from my daughter. But it's necessary and required due to this job of mine.

So I'm in OK City all week, and regular posts will be kind of disrupted until I get home.

Hope everyone has a great evening.  Hug your loved ones. You can't do it enough!

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