Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shooting Leaves Me With A Loss For Words

Today's events have left me with a loss for words.  The shooting at the Mall in Columbia was a sad, disappointing, and terrible thing, and the fact that it has happened in our community has hit hard.  This is my home, and I'm tired of it being harmed by those who don't seem to care.  There is no place for this kind of violence, here or anywhere else.  It's a sad trend, as there have been so many shootings like this one throughout our country.

I'll be praying this evening for peace, understanding, and and end to this kind of violence.  I'm praying for the families of those who lost loved ones today in the shooting.  I'm praying for the safety of our young people in this community.  I'm praying for the continued protection of our police and security people, and I'm thankful that they are here to help and protect the community.  And I'm praying for God's continued presence in our lives, as He is still in charge.

Rest easy this evening, Howard County.  May you look to Him for comfort.

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