Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reflections Of A Family Christmas

While I'm stuck in OK City, I found myself looking through a bunch of old pics on my iPhone.  They're not really old... A few weeks seems like old given the number of pictures I take, which is really easy with a cell phone.  Anyway, the pics are of Christmas with my family, and I'm already amazed by how many things I received and already forgotten.  That's pretty sad, really, but it was a nice reminder of a few things I can look forward to getting out of boxes when I get home!  Enjoy...and Merry Christmas!

My new favorite mug!

A Griswold Family Christmas

Yes, we're really going!

Dad? Yo, Dad!?! Hello???

My brother, The Steel Chef

My daughter and my sister


Melody and a LOT of really big gifts

A two-headed hat?!?

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