Friday, January 10, 2014

It Makes Sense To Me...

For his part, Eric felt jubilant that what had started as a long shot had produced a triumph.  A medium-size loaf of bread sent by Elaine contained chisels, mallets, a hacksaw, and an enormous sledgehammer.  And then, after the soup, Dad decided it was time to tell one of his jokes.  Now he's not talking to me so we don't know exactly what happened to him.  When he broke for lunch, it was usually at the Cosmos Club, an exclusive, all-male fraternity of political and industry leaders on Lafayette Square, where he continued his quiet, persistent lobbying amid cigar smoke and wood paneling.  The doctor brought in to explain the murders had no idea how or what was killing the men in the mine, nor could any doctor cure Shigeru of his amnesia.  He was sidelined for nearly three months after breaking his collarbone when he fell while carrying a slab of deer meat.

The two leaders beamed and shook hands warmly.  Larry put an enormous wad of ether-soaked cotton into a toilet plunger and stuck the whole thing over the gunslinger's face.  He thought for a moment and then said, "Tell her, 'Thanks for the nuts; hope you're the same.'"  A minute later, the relief first officer, who had been in crew rest, came out to take a bathroom break, dressed only in his boxers and t-shirt.  The press piled on with gusto.  I told myself that I would not be killed by a bullet, because I had to return home and work in the movie industry.  To dissuade the "wrong" kinds of ladies from rushing to her cause, she announced that she would hire only plain-looking women over the age of 30.

"He talked inaudibly for three-quarters of an hour -- about what, I haven't the faintest idea."  He banged the stock of his musket on the ground and brought down an enormous turkey, which dropped from the sky and onto Larry's head like a sack of cement.  Although it took him awhile to recover the total use of his legs, he had an amazing constitution and will to live.  He doesn't know where he's going, but he figured that he might as well get there.  The business community loved it since it messed with nothing anyone cared about, at least anyone important.  The monster was attractive, colorful, dynamic and sympathetic with no scientific briefing explaining its origins.  It can make hot sauce taste like a glazed donut, vinegar taste like apple juice, and oysters taste like chewing gum.

He confidently led the country in a cataclysmic war in which secret warfare figured significantly and for which he possessed a talent that sprang spontaneously from his nature.  They would prosper for another decade, but their greatest work was now behind them.  It's extremely unlikely that the key I've kept with me all these years would fit the new lock.  We do not know how the attack may be carried out, and defending ourselves will not be easy, but we must try.  But after so many years, he had forgotten the formula.  It would be nearly a decade before the monster's mighty roar would be heard again.  For some couples, however, the cost of separating is no match for the price of freedom.

This post is not meant to make any sense.  It was put together from random sentences contained in eight different books on a variety of topics.  I kind of like it.

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