Thursday, May 8, 2014

A First Date

What a beautiful evening!  I went on a first date with Miss M, a wonderful young lady who I met on an online dating site.  She saw my profile and contacted me, stating that she saw that my faith was important to me, something not said by many people on that site.  Compared to many of the women who have contacted me, I was impressed with her kindness and beautiful smile, which was on display in every picture on her profile.  We spent a week exchanging emails and getting to know each other.  I admit to not being convinced we were a great match, but I thought she was certainly worth getting to know, and we made plans to get together.

I was a little slow in making plans, mostly since I tend to not rush into things.  Interestingly, she didn't want to wait, and admitted to being impatient in wanting to see me.  We made plans to get together this week.  Today was that day.

One issue I have is that she lives in Washington, DC, in Capitol Hill.  That certainly isn't convenient for dating.  It actually took me about 35 minutes to get to the restaurant she recommended we meet at, Lavagna, near Eastern Market.  I was early, but it took me about 20 minutes to find a parking space, which ended up being about two blocks from the restaurant.  I arrived before her, and the hostess/server seated me at a table outside.  It was such a nice evening.  Miss M arrived within minutes after I sat down.  She was a bit out of breath since she was afraid she would be late and she ran part of the way.

She's gorgeous.  And cute.  She has curly brown hair, she appears to be very fit, she has a furrowed brow which gives her face so much character, and her smile is contagious.  But it was her beautiful blue eyes that stood out to me.  I kept getting lost in them.  I know that sounds like a line, but I'm being sincere.

I thought we got along great, and I believe the attraction is mutual.  We talked about a lot of different things, though I regret that much of what I had to say likely made little sense.  I kept confusing my words, and I just don't know what she really thinks.  I just kept getting flustered.

The night was way too short.  My parking meter had a max of two hours, so I didn't have much choice.  I said goodnight, and we hugged.  We were going in opposite directions, so we didn't even get to walk together.  I'm looking forward to seeing her again, and it sounded like she is interested, too.  We'll see what happens.

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Oh Yay!! I'm really happy for you! :D Great news!!

    1. Thank you! Wish it had worked out, but we really weren't a good match.