Monday, May 12, 2014

Using Last Summer Vacation to Plan Our Next Summer Vacation

My wonderful daughter, Melody, and I were talking about all of the things we've got planned for travel this year.  We've already taken our big West Coast Spring Break trip, and we're looking ahead to the Summer vacation to the Midwest, including our regular trip to Chicago, and continuing on to Wisconsin Dells.  It's going to be a great Summer!

Melody has been having trouble with her iPhone, which is apparently too full of pictures to have any memory.  So we transferred the whole bunch of them to a laptop to free up some memory to enable her to download a few apps.  So I was going through her pics and came across a couple from last Summer that I was surprised to see, and I enjoyed the memory.  Here they are:

The second pic is a list we made highlighting all of the things we did last Spring and Summer, including our big New York City and New England trip over Spring Break, and all of the great Summer trips to amusement parks, mostly.  It was a great Summer, and Melody seemed to think so, given the pictures of these things.  She and I are both list makers, so it was funny that she wanted to make a list to begin with.

Anyway, this Summer should rival last, and even the Spring Break was comparable to last year's.  I really love taking these trips, and I'm glad to see Melody finds them memorable, as well.  She's definitely my daughter!

Have a great evening, everyone!  And plan a trip this Summer!  You'll be glad you did!

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