Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Guest Post: Melody's Spring Break Trip

Tonight's post is by my wonderful daughter, Melody.  Take it away, Little Girl!

Hi, it's Melody with another Guest Blog. Today I am going to be talking about our Spring Break trip to Las Vegas/Hollywood. I just have to say, that was a really exciting trip. I listen to Radio Disney and whenever they play this one song that I can't remember, the first thing that I think of is the trip. Now, I do make fun of Daddy in this blog (sorry daddy!) because he did something really funny that I might explain at the end of the Blog. Here was our trip, that I actually wrote down in my journal on the trip and on the flight home (when I say, "crashed at hotel", I don't mean crashing into another car but crashing as in taking it easy for the rest of the day at the hotel): 

-Flew to Las Vegas
-Checked in at the Excalibur 
-Rode NYNY roller coaster
-Took the tram to the Luxor
-Ate at More Buffet
-Crashed at Excalibur

-Went to Denny's
-Went to Target to get a new suitcase because our old one broke
-Got Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
-Saw "Elvis" 
-Walked to the Venetian 
-Walked around the WHOLE Venetian 
-Walked back to the Flamingo through the Quad hotel
-Had pizza
-Went back to Excalibur 
-Out to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe 
-Saw "Frankenstein's Monster" 
Okay, this is where I make fun of Daddy!!! He will probably tell you about it... 
-Daddy accidentally kissed a male Dora 

Okay....to clarify:  we were walking down the sidewalk on Las Vegas Blvd, The Strip, and there were crazy people everywhere.  Most were drunk, many weren't wearing very much clothing, it was very inappropriate to have a 10 year old on the streets of Las Vegas, and there "she" was.... Dora the Explorer (a 5-foot tall Dora costume with someone inside)!  She motioned to me to come over, so we walked over to "her".  "She" pointed to her cheek, and I thought she wanted a smooch, so I kissed her on the cheek.  At that moment, I heard a male voice come out of the head of Dora asking me if I was a Pittsburgh Pirates fan.  I was wearing a Pirates jersey, so, of course, "she" would assume I was a Pirates fan.  Once I got over the shock of it being a male in the suit, "she" explained that "she" had just come out to Vegas last month from Pittsburgh, where "she" grew up.  At least "she" didn't notice that I kissed "her"!  I was mortified.... Okay, back to Melody's blog.
-Emergency bathroom break at MGM Grand
-Crashed at Excalibur again

-Breakfast at IHop 
-Hoover Dam Tour
-Lunch at Mr.D'z on Route 66
-Followed Route 66 from Kingman, Arizona to Hollywood, California
-Stopped in Oatman, Arizona
-Drove the rest of the way to California
-Dinner at In-N-Out Burger 
-Checked in at our hotel (The key didn't work, so of course we had to wait an extra hour)

-Universal Studios
-Dinner at Bubba Gump's 
-Saw the Cunningham house from the TV show "Happy Days"
-Back to room (The key finally works)

-Web Heads recording (This TV show comes on Nickelodeon in the Summer)
-Shakey's for lunch

-Came back to the hotel
-Went to the hand/foot prints outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater
-Dinner at Mel’s Diner
-Back to hotel
-Six Flags Magic Mountain
-Dinner at Buca’s Italian Restaurant
-Crashed at hotel
-Warner Brothers Studio Tour
-Lunch at Bob’s Big Boy with Daddy’s friend Alan Heitz
-Back to hotel
-“Brady Bunch” house
-Scenic Hollywood sign overlook
-Cunningham house in the daylight
-Paramount Studios and Jim Henson Studios
-Santa Monica Pier & end of Route 66
-I have now touched the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
-Walked around the Pier
-End of Route 66 shop
-Drove to Miceli’s Italian Restaurant for dinner
-Back to the hotel for bed
-Drove back to Las Vegas
-Checked into MGM Grand
-Went to the Rainforest Café in MGM Grand
-M&M World
-Back to the hotel room
-After going to bed at 12:00AM, Las Vegas time, we got up at 3:00AM (Las Vegas time) and flew home
That was a really fun trip! I don’t know what daddy was thinking when he kissed that male Dora though…

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