Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Date #3? Uh....No

And then she was gone.  I tend to do a lot of stupid things with regard to my love life.  I meet women who might be a good match for me, and I come up with reasons why it won't work out.  And then it doesn't, and I tell myself that I was right.  This happens over and over again (though I shouldn't give the impression that I do a lot of dating....the fact is I go on very few first dates, and a very small percentage of those result in second dates).

Miss M and I had two pretty good dates.  As mentioned before, I think, at our cores, we're a lot alike.  But my conclusion, after two dates, is that we just don't have enough interests in common to make a relationship.  In addition, I got a weird vibe when I was with her, that she didn't find me very interesting at all.  Sure, she said yes to my asking her out, but I came away from date #1 feeling like she didn't like me at all.  Prior to the 2nd date, though, she seemed to be saying all of the right things, and I was happy to pursue a 2nd date.  But after another evening of good conversation, if not very exciting (to me) activities, I felt even more strongly that she wasn't interested.  Aside from an exchange of texts that I initiated, I didn't hear from her for several days, and I started to worry again that she wasn't interested.  Ironically, when she sent me a message yesterday, she said much the same thing, that she concluded that I wasn't interested in continuing our communication.  I replied by being honest about how I felt, and I haven't heard from her since.  I don't expect I will, either.  I imagine it wouldn't feel very good to get a message like the one I sent to her, even though I offered to go out again.  Anyway, she is a wonderful person.  I wish it could have worked out, but I think she's looking for someone with different interests, more in line with what she likes to do.  I wish her well, and hope she has better luck than I have searching for a significant other.

So what now?  Last week, I receive a notice from an attractive young lady who very much fit my profile, saying she was interested.  I quickly drafted a short message to her thanking her for her interest, and asking if she'd like to get together sometime.  I've heard nothing since.  Why does this happen?  I just can't figure out women.  Why show interest in someone, then not reply when that interest is reciprocated?  This is the fourth time this has happened on this dating site.  This doesn't include the number I have contacted blindly and received no interest in return.  It's incredibly frustrating.

Dating at my age (I'll be 45 in just a few weeks) is no fun at all.  My heart isn't in it anymore, it seems.  My current membership doesn't expire until sometime in July, and the hope is that I might find someone before then.  As for now I need to show an aggressive amount of patience.  Maybe I will get lucky?

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Sorry it didn't work out though I guess it was good that you both felt the same way.

    1. Thanks, Sean. I appreciate the sentiment.