Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Fun and a Prayer Request

Tonight I need to ask for prayers for my uncle.  He is an alcoholic.  He has been battling this for several decades now, and his health has never been worse.  He is in dire need of a liver transplant, and while he was on the transplant list when he was clean, he couldn't maintain it and he started drinking again, jeopardizing any chance he had to get a liver transplant.  Two days ago, he fell down the stairs of his home.  It was the second time in the past week.  The first time, he cut his head pretty badly, but he wouldn't let paramedics take him to the hospital.  This time, he separated his shoulder, requiring surgery.  The doctors were afraid that putting him out for the surgery to get his arm back into place was too dangerous due to his health, but they went through with it today.  He is resting "comfortably", though not happily, in the hospital.  He will likely be admitted to "dry out", meaning he will be restrained.  It does not bode well.

So please keep him in  your prayers.  He is struggling and needs so much support. We keep hoping he will be able to get himself well, but he keeps showing that he can't do it by himself.  His wife can't deal with it, either, and she needs prayers, too.


What a beautiful day!  My daughter, Melody, and I got out and did some geocaching.  Geocaching is a lot of fun, and anyone who has a handheld GPS (or download the app on your phone) can access the huge database of items that you can look for.  It works like this:  an item is hidden in a location that is identified by it's geographical position, which you can search for by using a GPS.  These items are everywhere!  There's a huge network of folks who create the caches, and there are even more who enjoy hunting for these things.  Some are very creative, and use math formulas or word games as part of the clues to finding them.  They are ranked by difficulty, as well as size (some are very tiny, and some are large), and some provide gift exchanges.  It's really a lot of fun.

Melody and I ended up in Ellicott City today trying to find some of the geocaches.  Some are hidden in very beautiful and scenic areas, taking us to places we've never seen before, into some really nice neighborhoods.  While we are still novices at it, geocaching makes for a fun activity and a nice workout, with so many of the caches being in areas you must hike to find.  Get out and try it!


My Pittsburgh Pirates were on National TV tonight, being the Fox game of the week versus the Los Angeles Dodgers, live from the West Coast.  The Bucs had beaten the Dodgers two straight, but you'd have never guessed that after their dismal performance tonight.  The Dodgers beat them 12-2 in a royal butt-kicking.  It's frustrating, since they played so well the past two nights.  They're not having a great year.  The Bucs ownership and management figured they could coast on last year's successful playoff appearance, but they are clearly in need of some help.  They need pitching help, mostly, because they didn't make any significant changes during the off-season, and one of their best, AJ Burnett, was allowed to leave for Philadelphia.  So now their back to their pathetic selves from most of the past two decades.  Why do they have to play so poorly on a national broadcast?  How embarrassing.

So come on, Bucs!  Let's get things fixed and get back to the playoffs.  I hate losing.

Have a great Saturday night, everyone!

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