Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Day At Six Flags America

Spent a great day at Six Flags America, in Largo, MD.  The park wasn't very crowded, and the weather was beautiful!  We rode all of the roller coasters except for the Mind Eraser, which wasn't open.  The 97 year old Wild One wooden coaster was the highlight.  Other coasters include Apocalypse (a "stand-up" coaster), the Joker's Jinx, Superman: the Ride of Steel, Batwing (which has riders alternately on their backs and stomachs!), and Roar (a nice wooden coaster).  The only negative on the day is the price of food at the park ($39 for a pizza!?!).  Here are some pics:

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Please remember those who bravely lost their lives to protect our freedom!

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